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Photo Gallery 1

Thought I would share some photos of me, my workplace, and my humble city. This may take some time to load on slower connections- be patient- it's worth the wait.


Lorie and Dome.jpg (4272 bytes)   My humble workplace, the State Capitol of Arkansas. It is a one-eighth scale of the National Capitol in Washington DC. It was built almost 100 years ago- between 1899 and 1911. Minnesota's Capitol was built by the same architect.               

                              Front walk cupola.jpg (14756 bytes) No tourists get to see this view from the cupola at the top of the Capitol Dome. It's about 195 feet to the front walk from here. They anchor the Christmas lights from up here.


Lorie river.jpg (3198 bytes) Looking Northwest towards the Arkansas River.


                                                                                            Lorie LR.jpg (4951 bytes) Downtown Little Rock, looking due east from the cupola. The tall building is the TCBY tower.

                           Long way down.jpg (21186 bytes)

Here is the dizzying view from the upper gallery in the Rotunda of the Capitol. Again, this is a view that ordinary tourists will never see. The chandelier in the upper right frame was made by Tiffany, and is two tons of bronze. It is on a chain that can be lowered down through the round opening to the first floor. The balcony on the upper left is as far up as most people can get.

                  Outer spiral stairs.jpg (2894 bytes)                                             View from spiral stairs.jpg (2867 bytes) Two views- one of the spiral stairs leading to the upper gallery and cupola, and the other from the stairs themselves.

Later, I'll have some pictures of the inside- including the House of Representatives where I spend most of my time when they are in session.


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