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A Visit with Kryon

Before I get into the meat of this essay, I have to explain that the only previous experience I’ve had with ‘channelers’ or ‘mediums’ was when I was studying with the British Spiritualist Church, a gentle group of open-minded souls who utilize spiritual mediums to bring messages back from the other side. Their services are rather Christian in construction- some hymns are sung, prayers are offered, and a message to the congregation in general is given. Then the medium goes into trance and speaks, picking on people in the congregation to give them messages from their dearly departed. They used the traditional style of mediumistic trance channeling, where the entity pretty much takes over the medium, and would give out what I call ‘Auntie Flo and Uncle Joe’ or ‘unicorns, dolphins, and rainbows’ messages. Lots of fluff, but not much stuff.

To be honest, I’ve never really trusted many ‘channelers’ with their mish-mosh of what Lee Carroll calls "woo-woo" stuff, simply because there was really no way for me to verify if the metaphysical link was there. And I had some close-up experience with fakes and wannabe channels. It wasn’t pretty, but it helped me to sort the fakers from the genuine articles. And I’ll be honest in admitting that I am not too keen on most ‘New Agey’ stuff, probably because I am a scientific, hands-on, give me the math/numbers sort. So, I pretty much dismissed most of the modern New Age channelers as a lot of fluff.

But one of the things I learned while studying with the Spiritualists and other groups while stationed in the UK was how to use, fine-tune, and trust my own gifts of spiritual and psychic discernment. I’ve always been able to see auras and sense other ‘fields’, and with time and practice, I learned how to ‘read’ and classify auras, how to spot enlightened and awakened ‘advanced souls’ by certain flares at the crown of their head, and many other interesting things. I learned how to monitor mediums who were in trance, and I saw complete changes come over the medium or channeler, where their faces and voices would change entirely, and their own auras radically change. And I was even encouraged to start working as a ‘platform’ medium, because Spirit needed me. I politely declined, and remained a student and congregation member, despite some of the more spectacular messages I’d get from them.

I came back to the US and withdrew from my public work- partially because I was a little burned out, but mostly because there was no community for me to participate in where I live. I continued my studies, concentrating on deepening my understanding of the metaphysical universe. There was a lot of stuff out there to read and peruse, but sadly, the ‘signal-to-noise’ was quite poor- lots more noise than signal. There seemed to be more fluff than stuff published, and many books I read seemed to be sad wastes of trees. But I kept scanning the shelves in the few stores that had a decent metaphysical section, hoping that I might find some wheat among the chaff. And that was where I first noted Kryon, and he apparently noted me.

My first experience with Kryon Of Magnetic Service occurred when a book of his (Number 8, Passing the Marker) literally sprang off the top shelf and nearly brained me. I picked it up- it was wrapped in plastic so I could not leaf through it- and the back cover was engaging enough that I decided to shell out a little of my hard-earned cash and take it home with me. When my guidance throws books at me, I pay attention. His book was encouraging- very low ‘fluff-to-stuff’ ratio, and actually readable and reasonable for ‘channeled’ stuff.

Several weeks later, at a psychic fair, there were flyers announcing that Kryon himself was going to come and visit my out of the way city, Little Rock. I decided to go, albeit a little reluctantly, because I really wanted to spend that money on my video board for the computer I was building. I’ll admit that the lyrics of the B-52’s "Channel Z" were playing in my head as I went out there. But I decided to approach the whole event with an open mind- because the motto of the Eclectic Tech Mage is, "You Never Know".

I was probably one of the youngest people in the room- most of the small group of around 100 were retired or elderly ladies. I saw one or two people my age or younger, and a sprinkling of men. This seemed typical of an audience for channels- the demographic was the same when I worked with the Spiritualist Church in England. I wondered if the whole channeling method was going to be the same, too. I found myself falling into old training habits as I found my seat, and I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to entertain myself by comparing an American ‘New Age’ audience to a British one. Except for the accents and the hugging (rarer among Brits, but common in the Spiritualist circles), there was little difference.

Being light and field sensitive, I scanned the group for the signature crown of the head ‘flare’ of the awakened ones. These were present on about two-thirds of the group, again, a typical turnout, but nice to see. Where were these people hiding? I also saw the blurry gray grieving signature colors (common in channel audiences); the standard issue curious/called seeker fields, with quite a few demonstrating the small ‘stirring to wakefulness’ prominence that will become the Awakened flare, and of course, one or two Lost Souls.

I’d seen only a bad Xerox image of Lee Carroll, the presenter and channeler of Kryon, but when he came into the room to arrange the podium and get ready to start (but before he was formally introduced), I knew who he was instantly. His auric colors were rich, and on the blue end of the spectrum, with lots of cobalt, indigo, and violet, with white flares. His crown flare was prominent, and almost into the visible light spectrum. It had some interesting sparks and flashes, almost like he was receiving information as he worked. I decided to keep an eye on this as he spoke.

Lee Carroll is an engaging, articulate and intelligent speaker, lacing fact with humor and very much cutting edge in his education and understanding of where we are culturally, metaphysically, religiously and scientifically. He didn’t talk down to us, nor did he give us any of the usual ‘woo-woo’ fluff that plagues most ‘new age’ venues. Instead, he taught, linked, made us laugh, and demonstrated that things have changed in the world and are still changing. Even his overtly Christian slant did not make me bristle- it was the first ‘neutral’ dogma-free Christianity I’d encountered, which I found very refreshing, and considering that he was addressing a Bible Belt audience, appropriate for their comfort level. I have a very low boredom threshold, and tend to disengage and nod off if I get bored or drop the thread. I spent those 5 hours listening and learning, and I don’t believe that my back touched the seat the whole time, because I was leaning forward soaking up what he was saying.

The best part was that a lot of what he said about science, culture, the falling away of the old paradigm and old order way of thinking and the acceptance of the new, chimed with many thoughts I’d had privately on my own, but rarely discussed. Science and metaphysics are slowly coming together, with high tech and what some might call ‘high magic’ coming together in a harmonious, and powerful union. We’re still a ways away from this, but the signs of it are all around us. He spoke of the ‘rage’ of the outbound old order, giving an example of an outraged fundamentalist minister who was his seatmate on a flight. I knew quite well where he was coming from, having been on the receiving end of such righteous rages myself.

He spoke of the spread of tolerance, the ending of the imprinted Armageddon death wish, and how this new mindset will do a lot to bring balance to the world and take us to a higher level. He talked about how physics is discovering and validating much of what metaphysics and pre-dark ages science has said all along about the dimensions of reality. Even things like our DNA, cellular biology, and life expectancy are being reevaluated.

As he spoke, I watched his lights, and more than a few times, his crown flare lit up with all sorts of interesting and colorful sparkles and flashes- looking almost like he was getting a live download of inspiration and information as he spoke. He never left a thread loose, even after going on a series of tangents. It was obvious that here was a genuine Clear Channel, with a good, tight interface/connection with his Higher Being- Kryon- and not requiring any of the fluff or theatrics that earlier mediums and channels ornamented their presentations with.

The Indigo phenomenon was briefly mentioned, but not gone into in any real depth. There were several parents of older (my age!) Indigo kids in attendance, which I found interesting. So, Indigo sorts HAVE been around for at least forty years, if not a little longer. (I think the breakover year was 1960, which coincidentally, many of my peers and I born between '60 and '68 DO NOT consider ourselves 'boomers'. Early iconoclasts? There may have been Indigos born before that, and some want to include '58 and '59 as 'non-boomers', too.)

Having seen the more traditional ways of presenting information from ‘the other side’, I found Mr. Carroll’s work very refreshing. Instead of the dramatic trancing out and auric overlay that the old style traditional channelers used, Kryon’s interface was seamless with Lee, with only one or two major vocal changes in the actual ‘live’ channeling part of the seminar. This corresponded with a certain change in the auric download lights, appearing to me to be different aspects of Kryon him/herself. Lee later admitted that he was also channeling Kryon during the lecture part of the seminar, confirming my earlier observations.

Channeling aside, Kryon’s work should be closely paid attention to, because in many ways, this is part of the living prophecy and information stream that we need to advance ourselves. To me, it is like having a long blocked conduit of information, inspiration, and encouragement opened again, and all we need to do is to tap into it. This is much more than mere old-school soothsaying or old-style New Age happy talk- this is essential information that we can utilize to return the world to the paradise, the ‘new Jerusalem’ that it once was. Right now this place is buried beneath the rigidly dogmatic weight of today’s religio-cultural hierarchy, but with Kryon’s guidance, we are starting to finally unearth and rediscover it. We are stirring awake to discover that the world we’ve subsisted in was just a bad dream, and now that we are awake, we can sweep away those last vestiges of the nightmare we’ve been living in.

So, for me, the day was a very productive one, and I came away both charmed and awed by both Lee Carroll and Kryon. I even got a few metaphysical 'puzzle pieces' of my own to work with, along with an autograph for my book. (Lee joked about loading motion detectors and springs in his books so that they jump off the shelves at people!)

If he comes to your area, do yourselves a favor and go see him. You won't be disappointed. He says he'll be back next year, and I'll be there!

2001 Sunfell

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