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The Garden

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Here is where you’ll find all my other  work that doesn’t quite fit into the other areas. Musings on the high art of Eccentricity, Rants about our crumbling culture,  thought-provoking quotations and generally interesting and humorous things abide here. Kick back and enjoy.

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New Section! Sunday Morning Musings

Computers: A Truly Magickal Tool

Herding Cats Is Not Impossible

My Sojourn to the Planet Squall-Mart

From Accumulating to Maintaining: Becoming a Non-Consumer

What? Me Reproduce?


The American Dream: A Delusion?

Cultivating Eccentricity in Your Daily Life

Zero to DVD

Black Lightning: A Bully Survivor's Tale

Sticker Schlock

The Great Gift Grab-O-Rama

Mothers Day: A Memorial (Contains photos)

Pulling the Plug

Quality Quotations

The Charge of the Beeotch

Slaying the Christmas Beast

The Glories of Autumn

From Feast to Fat

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Childfree


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