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About Sunfell

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This is me standing in a 12' crop circle in a field outside of Ipswich, Suffolk County, England in 1992.

This is me at work 'in the House' in March, 2003


Who is this Sunfell person, anyway?

Sunfell is the nom-de-Web (or perhaps Nom-de-Keyboard) of  Philosopher Geek, Web Crafter and TechMage Lorie A. Johnson. I’ve been studying and practicing metaphysics in its various forms for 29 years. My fields of study and accomplishment include Wicca (initiated 3rd degree in 1992), Spirituality, Western and Native American magickal and spiritual systems, Hermeticism and Gnosticism. I also count my training in Aikido as a mystical path, because it is as much about the mind as it is about the body. I am a 22 year member of The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. I call myself a Hermetic TechMage because that is the best description of where I currently am in my Journey. Philosopher-Geek works, too. Yes, I really am that blonde. I finally found another picture so you can see it better. It's getting some lovely silver highlights, now that I am sliding into Middle Age.

My biggest gift is writing, and I’ve been at it for quite a long time. These essays are all my own work, and have appeared in such places as The Witches Voice, The Wiccan-Pagan Times and Journal, and several small Pagan print publications. If you really like them, and want to reprint them, please ask my permission. I haven't refused a reprint request yet, but I do like to keep track of them. These essays are copyrighted. For reprint permission, or if you just want to say hello, you can email me at the address below. Got a metaphysical topic you’d like me to address? Contact me at the address below. It's a 'spam-proof' GIF, so you'll have to hand copy it. (Not that it has made any real difference in the tons of 'spam' I get, sad to say...)

Professionally, I am an Information Systems PC Support specialist working for my State Legislature. It’s an interesting, fun job, and satisfies my other passion in life- computers and the Internet. I am always learning new things, and this website is the end result of a lot of late-night head scratching. It is also a work in progress, and I am in a learning curve, so this site will gradually improve. If you find a problem with it, please report it to me at the below address.

I am also an Air Force veteran, DVD and audio enthusiast, cat keeper, and budding sewing enthusiast. I like to cook from scratch. My Astro-zoological sign is Virgo Metal Rat. I obtained my legal ministerial licence in February, 2003, so I am now able to legally marry people in the State of Arkansas.

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Ooh! Pictures! Go look!

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My Email Address! You'll have to hand copy it, because this is a .GIF (sorry, spammers!).

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This site is dedicated to the Ancient Ones whose Light we are only now beginning to recover, and to those Lightworkers all over this world who are heralding the Dawn.

This Site is Watched by Sekhmet, Powerful, Imperishable One.

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