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The Indigo Files

These pages are a personal exploration and experience of the emergence of the Indigo and Octarine ray people into the world today. The Indigo (also called Cobalt or Blue) phenomenon has been widely discussed and examined in many New Age, Lightbearer, Ascension and Esoteric circles, but little has been written firsthand about what it is like to BE an Indigo and live this life. I seek to remedy that in these pages. What I write here is from personal experience, insight, and Guidance. You may read things here that are only now manifesting themselves in our world, or have not yet been broached or discussed in mainstream circles. There are no secrets here, only life as I know it, and experience as I relay it for the benefit of my peers who are either conscious or latent Indigos. Some of what I write here may make no sense to you if you are not one of us, but I share it in the spirit of tolerance and understanding. Indigo or not, we are all related. And we are all members of the human family on this planet.

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Who Are The Indigo People?

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Guidance from an Elder Indigo

Indigo Generations

Crystal Or Octarine?

Guest Writer:  Are You An Adult Indigo?


Indigo Passages and Purposes

The Unveiling:   AdultTransition from Indigo to Octarine

The Shift: The Child Disaster and the Adult Awakening

The Indigo Relationship With God

Guest Writer: Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

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