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Who Are The Indigo People?

Part Three

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Indigos have very rich and sensualist tastes in music, food, scent, color, and other sensual expression. Adult Indigos are often connoisseurs of music, food, perfumes, art, clothing, or other ‘sense-dense’ items. They are the ones who will be able to pick out many of the ingredients in perfumes if they have studied perfumery. They also like to dissect the various flavors in foods and wines. The same also applies to music- musical preferences tend toward ‘high calorie’ and complex sorts: ambient, classical, dense world fusion, jazz, and other ‘iconoclastic’ forms. Indigos can become a real authority in their chosen ‘fetishes’, be it food, color, music, or scents. They also have a love for tactile expression, too- loving silks, velvets, and other rich tactile expressions. They seek a certain spiritual ‘presence’ in the art objects they own, and also prefer it in their everyday lives, too. This may seem nearly eccentric to an outsider, but it is essential for the comfort of the Indigo soul.

Indigos are often solitary souls, preferring our own company to that of a large group. We prefer the company of peers, and would rather be alone than in a group of 'sleepers’- people who are not spiritually awakened. We also need time to ourselves to recharge our spiritual batteries- even if we have highly social jobs. If we close the door of our offices, or withdraw into the bedroom, it is because the ‘noise’ of the world around us is almost overwhelming. We tend to be very sensitive to noise, heat, humidity, crowds, and strong odors. It’s just the way we are. Indigos are also unusually needy of deep sleep, and can be very difficult if awakened abruptly or unnecessarily. It is painful to us- if you must awaken us before we’re ready, do so gently.

Sexual intimacy is a take it or leave it thing for us- we just don’t ‘get’ all the obsession with sex. Perhaps it is because we prefer to commune at a soul-to-soul level, and casual sex precludes that. We are not dysfunctional, but we don’t go chasing after it, either. And if we don’t ‘get’ it, we don’t miss it. And we’re not wound up in our gender identity, either. We are souls first, people of gender second. Female Indigos are often accused of thinking like guys, and vice versa for the men. Actually the capabilities of both genders are available for the adult Indigo to use, if they are comfortable with themselves.

Indigos are very attracted to the supernatural, metaphysical, and cutting edges of both scientific and spiritual understanding. Often, they seek out spiritual paths that are far from the mainstream, often fringe or just emerging. If they do practice a mainstream faith, they do so with the full awareness of its shortcomings, and seek to utilize the benefits of their faith for peace and spiritual comfort. Many (myself included) become eclectic spiritual practitioners, understanding the unity that underlies the many faiths of humanity. They happily synthesize the tenets and wisdom of these faiths into a harmonious whole, which greatly enhances both their lives, and the lives of those around them. They do not evangelize, however- they understand that spiritual understanding and insight is an individual path. They eschew cults, and seek to teach independence and self- understanding rather than dependence and self-ignorance.

Elder Indigos who have been students of metaphysics, religion, and the occult are very aware that many occult techniques, rituals, and beliefs no longer apply as the world progresses out of the Piscean influence into the Aquarian one. This can lead to conflict and isolation if they attempt to share this insight with established traditional practitioners. Solitary practitioners will create new techniques more in harmony with current energies. Elder Indigos use intuition combined with knowledge of various metaphysical disciplines to create new systems of operation.

Many of the Elder Indigos are either unmarried, divorced without remarriage, childless/childfree or both. The strong sense of mission that we were born with sometimes seems to preclude ‘normal’ lifestyles, relationships and goals. We did not get the ‘life script’ that everyone else seems to want to follow blindly, and often eschew the ‘American Dream’ of the house with the white picket fence, spouse, 2.5 kids, minivan/SUV and the rest of it. If we do marry, it is to someone who understands us implicitly, and realizes that our many quirks and idiosyncrasies are rare and special gifts, and we’re not nuts.

Wondering if we are nuts is a major problem with unrealized Indigos. Sadly, many of the Elder generation of Indigos had problems with understanding and utilizing their gifts or coping with their sensitivities. Suicide was a common ‘out’ for some in their youth, and drug and alcohol abuse plagued others. Loneliness and isolation also take their toll, although this is lessening with the mainstreaming of the Internet, and greater ease of finding peers. Depression often results, but is treatable. If you are an Elder Indigo and have survived this far, congratulations- the worst is behind you. Put your life in order, accept and explore your gifts. Ask your Guidance to help you get on track, and remember your real reason for being here.

All Indigos wrestle with depression- most of this is caused by lack of proper light. Seasonal Affective Disorder can be as devastating as a major depression, but can be easily and fairly cheaply treated, and without drugs. Using dawn simulators and banks of full spectrum lighting will shoo away the black moods and lethargy that accompanies this disorder.

Older Indigos may also have problems with deeply buried rage- a leftover from their sometimes traumatic childhood. Many of us were bully magnets, and bear deep scars from childhood bully encounters, slights, and exclusion by our ‘normal’ peers. This buried rage can surface in unexpected ways, triggered by unexpected events. The best way to deal with this rage is to get a handle on it- to make it a tool instead of a time bomb. Redirecting it in martial arts or heavy exercise and activities that physically exhaust the body will help to tame it. Try to remember that the bad days are over. You are now your own person, and responsible for your actions.

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