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Crystal or Octarine?

There has been a lot of buzz lately in the mainstream Indigo circles about the "Crystal" children, a new ‘ray’ of manifestation engendered by the Indigo/Cobalt people. According to the popular literature, Crystals are extremely sensitive to the point of near-autism, and are extremely impressionable in many ways. In many ways, "Crystals" are more difficult to handle and understand than Indigos are/were.

Are they? Time to don the old Cobalt Spectacles of Discrimination… Let’s think about what crystals are for a moment. They vibrate in response to things around them. They are totally transparent. They are fragile and can be easily shattered. They are great for extremely sensitive electronics gear that requires precise frequencies to function correctly, like this computer, for example.

Why would anyone be born with that much vulnerability and hope to survive intact and sane to functional adulthood? Life in this world is difficult enough for the Indigo soul, but it would be nearly impossible for a Crystal soul.

The answer is that they are not. It would be nearly impossible to survive a Crystal childhood without being drugged or institutionalized, so no soul will voluntarily enter the world manifesting that psychic frequency. The Crystal manifestation is something that happens in the midlife of an Indigo, after they’ve made it through their life trials and have developed their senses. Transiting up to "Crystal" is the culmination of their Indigo work. And close query has uncovered another interesting fact: The ‘color’ isn’t Crystal at all, it is Octarine, which is a color that isn’t in the normal visual range of human eyes, but is the manifest color of high magick, and on another color octave entirely. To the untrained eye, it appears to be without color at all, therefore Crystal, but the extremely high frequency of the energy field is what gives it away. To keep my points and writings clear, I shall from now on refer to this energy field as Octarine, instead of Crystal.

Transition into Octarine begins at around the 39th year for most Awakened Indigos, and flowers into full manifestation during the 42nd year. Transition is marked by changes in eating and sleeping habits, sudden ending of some interests and beginning of others, and a series of strange and vivid dreams, that are remembered into waking periods. These dreams are all connected and have consistent themes and ‘tones’. Some are teaching dreams, some are warning dreams, and some are nightmarish in their cinematic quality and depth.

Octarine is also marked by a sudden increase in sensitivity to everything from noise, to smell, clutter, people, etc. You might have such a harsh transition that you nearly become a hermit, shunning the places you used to enjoy visiting, like concerts, movies, sports events and other crowd drawing events. The pressure of the people is like fingernails on chalk all of a sudden.

Food habits will change- sometimes radically. Processed foods may seem harsh and overseasoned to you, and you may crave more wholesome foods. Listen to and obey your body- it knows what it requires. Alcohol will be nearly intolerable, as will tobacco. Sweets will be too sweet. Most snack foods and drinks will become inedible. Drink lots of water, cut back on caffeine.

Concentration will change, too. It will become harder to multitask, if not impossible. If you write, you probably will not be able to write with the radio or TV playing, and possibly only certain kinds of music. You’ll find yourself almost obsessed about certain things, and totally ignoring other things that used to totally engage you.

Clutter will become oppressive to the point of distraction. If you get the urge to de-clutter, do so, even if it means renting a storage place to put it in. Order and beauty will refresh your suddenly sensitive soul. Clean house. You'll feel better.

If you are ill or injured, your healing time will shorten exponentially. Conversely, some illness will hit you harder than others. You will also be able to help heal others, either by touch or intuition. No matter what religious Path you are on, you will strive to deepen your practice or your devotion, and plum the inner secrets of your faith. You will learn things that many people on your faith Path will not. And you will become a deep well of wisdom for those who seek to learn from your Path. Cultivate them with compassion and care- some of them may be your own Indigo peers who seek the company of like minds.

Your psychic gifts will grow significantly, and others may also manifest themselves. At times, you’ll feel like you’re living in a time warp, having deja-vu experiences and other synchronistic events nearly constantly. If you can integrate these changes gracefully, you’ll do fine. Just become aware that your ‘antennae’ will be much more sensitive and events will effect you more deeply.

Learn to take some time to sit still and listen within. If you already meditate, continue. Keep a journal. And take some time to marvel at the great gifts you have been given. Transiting from Indigo to Octarine will not be easy, but it will be ultimately rewarding. Strive to learn and serve with grace and humor, and enjoy the ride.

In the practice of 21st Century Chaos and Ma’at Magick, Octarine is the ‘color’ of Magick- the next octave of energy, and the ‘stuff’ of "The Force". It is a highly refined energy frequency, and requires a highly refined being to access it and utilize that. Your transition, difficult though it may be, will permit you to sense and use this energy frequency. It is a vital gift for those who have chosen to help this world through the major transitions ahead.

2002 Sunfell

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