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Tuning in to your Guidance

You are not alone on your journey along the Spiral Path. Even when you are by yourself physically, there is a group of interested spiritual entities of a higher vibration always around you. Perhaps you have sensed this, or known it in your gut instinct. Perhaps you have been told about guardian angels, animal guides, or interested parties who have transitioned out of the physical plane, but maintain an interest in the goings-on of this plane. All of these beings are your Guides.

Every one of us has a group of entities on the ‘other side’ who follow our lives and give us advice and counsel as we need it. Quite frequently, we aren’t consciously aware of it, because it works in the form (to us, anyway) of synchronicity. We throw out a question, request, call for help, and our guidance in the world of Spirit gives an answer- an article in the paper here, a call from a friend there, a fortune cookie paper somewhere else. Most people aren’t even aware of this operating in the background of their lives, and live unaware of this wonderful resource that is waiting to be tapped. Probably one of the most critical capabilities you can develop in your journey along the Spiral Path is how to consciously get in touch with and get information from your Guides. Guess what- it isn’t very hard to do at all!

I have been consciously aware of my own guides and guardians for about 15 years. Psychically sensitive people I’ve known have described several of these entities to me, with one or two getting consistently identified by different people in different places I’ve lived, and years apart. I’ve even had a couple of them illustrated for me. Once, I asked their names, and got one or two, but strangely enough, I have forgotten them. Names and faces to them are not really important, it is their work with me that is. And even though my sensitive and artistic friends were able to discern individuals, Guidance is more like an amorphous group, and works in that manner. I have been able to discern individual personalities, but sense them as a ‘they’ rather as one or another.

But how did I get in actual conversational contact with them? It took place over a period of time. As I matured on my journey, I became aware that I wasn’t alone, although I am by nature a solitary person. I began having internal dialogues, and realized that it wasn’t just me mentally twiddling my thumbs, there was someone else tagging along, happily offering me ideas, challenging my theories, and feeding me tidbits of information as I needed it. Out of curiosity, I began to ask questions of them, and got pretty profound answers- sometimes in symbols, sometimes with books falling on my head in bookshops. I learned to trust this inner dialogue, although for years, I kept it to myself because I feared ridicule and ostracism. As time has passed, I have learned a lot from my Guides, including some of why I am here at this particular time in this particular world.

The impression that I am left with is that I am the remote ‘scout’ or ‘worker’ in this world, and these folks are my support crew. Apparently, I am fortunate enough to be able to understand this concept, because it gives my life here and the work I do, both physical and spiritual, a whole new twist. It’s like there are layers of life, or even several lives simultaneously, with ‘me’ as the Prime Layer. As I live this life, and fumble towards my purpose and agenda, I peel away layers of illusion, learning about lives within lives within lives, all being played out simultaneously, like a spiral that is so tight that it is essentially a solid lineage of lives and events, with me rotating at the core.

This could explain some of the dreams I’ve had lately, classroom sorts of dreams where I am being shown all sorts of complex diagrams and mathematical formulas, anatomical drawings, maps, and architectural/engineering drawings. They look both ancient and ultramodern, and I awaken wondering what they are, and somehow I know what they are, and my part in utilizing them, but words do not come. Time in these dreams/visions is always skewed, like I am living eons in milliseconds. There is no past or future, and what I am viewing exists, but whether in the ancient past or the storied future of THIS life, I do not know. I hear them chuckle in their odd way when I contemplate this, because there is nothing but NOW for them, and for me, too, should I choose to accept it. I get dizzy contemplating traveling without moving. Frank Herbert had something with Dune- traveling without moving and folding space.

So, I am at the end of this spiritual ‘umbilical cord’, living a life or more, gathering information, and wondering why the heck I wasn’t equipped with the full understanding of all of this when I was born here. Nature of my body, perhaps? Limited skull-space? Need-to-know compartmented information? Sigh…

But I digress. These folks are real, and they do speak to me, although not in words. This seems to be common in contacts and working groups of this sort- they don’t play around, and they give their information, directions, advice, butt-chewings, and comfort in symbolic metaphor instead of clumsy words like I am using. It’s the difference between an analog dial up and a gigabit dataport.

So, we communicate with the equivalent of a telegraph, but we do communicate. The process of realization, establishing contact, and building trust was a long one, but worth the effort.

And now you ask, how can you get in touch with your own guides and guardians? It isn’t terribly difficult, and chances are, you are already in contact with your own ‘team’ but didn’t know about it until now. Reread what I’ve written about my own group, and see if you don’t see some similarities in your own life experience. The best way to initialize your own communication is to find a quiet place free of distractions, get quiet physically and mentally, and simply tell them "Hello". Let them know that you know they exist, and that the channel of communications is open. Be still, and listen- with your eyes, and your nose, as well as your ears. They communicate through all senses.

How do you know that it is really Them and that they have your best interests in mind? Here are a few signs that will tell you that you are on the right track and that the line of communication is open (the ‘handshake’):

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Mental flashes of light, visual ‘starbursts’, seeing little ‘whirlygigs’ when you look at a clear blue sky. (This is an interesting phenomenon, but seems to be common.) Closing your eyes, and having the sense that someone has left a light on in the middle of your skull, even in a darkened room.

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Chiming or ringing sounds that pan from ear to ear. High pitched keening that is not tinnitus. Thunder.

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The smell of roses, lotus, jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, or sandalwood, or any sudden beautiful fragrance.

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The feel of what I call ‘interstellar’ cold in small breezes, particularly around your nose, lips, or cheeks- even in a hot room. Little breezes like someone is fanning you in small bursts. Skin prickles- particularly around your crown. The feel of a hand in your own, or a thumb touching your palm.

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Hearing the sound of your name being called, very clearly in your mind.

Any or all of these are signs that you’ve established initial contact. As time passes, your contact will be continuous and casual, without the ‘opening credits’. You’ll ask, they’ll answer, and vise versa.

Next, you have to establish trust in your own judgement and discernment. Your group won’t send you off on wild goose chases for a laugh, give you spurious or dangerous information. You have to develop this trust through hard won trial and error, and learn from your errors. This helps you to fine tune your intuition, which is the main method they use to work with you.

You won’t ‘hear’ them all the time, in fact, you’ll rarely hear them at all, at least in the conventional sense. They use dreams (both sleeping and waking), symbols, and metaphor, and it is up to you to establish an ‘authentication code’ so that you know that it is actually them, and not you anticipating for them. (Yes, this happens sometimes, particularly with overanxious beginners.)

Is it possible to fall into ‘wrong’ company? It does happen from time to time, but not too much. There are entities who troll for open and unguarded minds, and get their jollies out of misleading and pranking gullible sorts, and it is up to you to sort them out, and firmly tell them to leave you alone. They will, because they don’t want to mess with an unwilling or hostile mind when the world is full of easy pickings. Just remember, it is you who are in charge. The ‘feel’ of tricksters is totally different, and you will be able to sense the difference instantly. (And if you are far enough along spiritually to be reading and understanding these writings, you’ve already gotten past the ‘brambles’.) But once your trusting contact with your own Guidance is established, it is inviolate, and they will never lead you wrong. It also serves to drive spurious entities away, as you build your working link with your group of guides. They do have a sense of humor, though, as you will find out as your work together proceeds.

Being a part of a working metaphysical Lightworker team is an exhilarating experience, and a great honor and responsibility. With your connection to the Cosmic, you can help get this world turned around, and quietly prepare yourself, and indirectly, through your confident actions, those around you for the radical changes that are already happening around you.

Consistent work with your group has its rewards and responsibilities. If you are sensitive and articulate enough, you might be tapped to relay information from their level through clear channeling. This isn’t like the traditional mediumistic trance channeling- this is a direct, clear link that you are completely conscious of, where you receive and relay information and teachings in your own way. I write. Others speak. Kryon and his kin are examples of this sort of channeling, which is relatively recent, little less than a decade old.

You can be tapped in other ways, too- playing/channeling music if you are a musician, channeling healing if you are a healer, channeling artwork if you are an artist- the list goes on and on. They won’t tap you to do something for which you are not suited, for instance, relaying complex mathematical formulas or physics data if you are not a mathematician or physicist. But they will amplify your talents, and use your experiences as teaching metaphors. It is a great honor and responsibility to do this, and as more and more people reach this level of trust and interaction in their life spirals, this will be integrated into our culture. Right now, such interaction with such an intangible entity as ‘spirit’ is considered on the fringe, but gradually, other changes in culture and paradigms are shifting the understanding of the world at large towards the understanding and acceptance of this mode of insight. It will take time, but by contacting, and trusting your guidance, you are a pioneer in the spiritual advancement of the world at large.

There is no concept of economy or money in the higher realms, but there is a way that you can express your gratitude and companionship to them. A daily offering of good incense is a lovely way to take a few moments to commune with your Guidance and reflect upon your day. It is refreshment for your senses, too. The rising smoke has been likened to a fragrant prayer in many cultures, and a conscious offering of time, thanks, and fragrance builds a positive foundation to work from. I make an incense offering daily- even when I am on the road. I find that it is the punctuation mark that formally ends the day.

Congratulations: you are now a Lightworker, and have joined the growing family of Lightworkers worldwide.

2001 By Sunfell

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