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The Wiccan Papers

I have been Wiccan for a very long time- almost as long as I have been a Rosicrucian. My first contact with Wicca was in the early 80s, and I began my studies in earnest around 1983. Things really blossomed for me when I moved to Germany in 1985, and it was there where I received most of my training, and two of my three initiations. I also found myself in the public eye for the first time then, because Paganism was still pretty much a hush-hush thing- especially in the military. But I was interviewed by both the Stars and Stripes and the Air Force Times, was interviewed on Armed Forces Television, and was even mentioned on Paul Harvey when the Stars and Stripes story hit the AP wire. People from around the world wrote me, and found out my phone number and called me- in Germany.  So, here, for your entertainment and education, is my bout with my 'fifteen minutes of fame'. 

My first interview was in the Stars and Stripes newpaper, on Thanksgiving day. The wire services grabbed it, and it ran in the US on the following day. Of course, everybody and their cat reads the Friday after Turkey Day paper, so it got a LOT of airplay.

Update, March 2003: My past has finally 'caught up' with me, in a unique way- within the course of a week, one of my original Farwander Fellowship correspondents Googled me out of hiding (like I really hide), and the Military Pagan Network requested permission to reprint my "Battle Lost, War Won" article on their site. It really is a small world, it seems. I am also preparing to present myself to the local USAF base as a liason for their Pagan community- probably the first overt contact with my 'old' life in ten years.

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The Stars and Stripes Interview (Warning: Large JPEG- may load slowly.)

The Air Force Times Interview

Battle Lost, War Won

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