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Welcome to The Spiral Path

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Ever do something, or experience something, and get that feeling of ‘been there, done that’? Or have the intuition that something you are about to do is not right, somehow, and back out? Or do something you loved to do as a kid, only to find that the feeling you’d sought was completely different than the feelings you as an adult now have? Well, welcome to the Spiral Path. Our lives are loops and layers of experience, continuing in a stack that is the trail of our lives. These essays examine and deepen the esoteric understanding and experience of the Spiral Path.

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The Role of Mages in the 21st Century

First Steps on the Spiral Path

The Long and Spiraling Road

Some Words of Advice to the Student on the Spiral Path

Reclaiming Personal Morality

In Praise of Solitude

Initiation: Pausing At The Threshold

Gender and Spiritual Bias

Tuning In To the Primal Sound

An Exploration of the Eclectic Way

The Magickal Tools of the TechMage

Tuning In To Your Guidance

Saturn's Return on the Spiral Path

Are You Awake?

The Crucible and the Spiral Path

Being the "Them" in an "Us" World

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