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Tuning Into the Primal Sound

 In our universe, everything has a beginning. In The Beginning there was no-thing but the Creator Mind. Our universe was void of form and coherence and was filled with deafening silence. The foundation of what would eventually become our universe lay unformed, awaiting the Thought that would set it into motion.

And so it eventually happened. The Creator Mind generated a Thought. This Thought propagated itself through the Void, and coalesced into a Word. And the Sound of that Word set everything into motion by its own vibrations. Who knows what that first primal Word was? I like to think it was simply the word 'Be'. It could have just as easily been 'Ouch!', but I'd hate to think that our cosmos was begun by the Creator Mind dropping a hammer in its foot!

Whatever the meaning or lack thereof, that Primal Sound set into motion all that has shaken, buzzed, hissed, hummed and whistled its way down the eons to our present reality. We, and the world we live on, are a distant harmonic of that ancient Word, an echo, a reflection, a ripple. We could trace every bit of what we are back to that first utterance. We are very intimately connected in a unique way to that Primal Sound, and this can actually be demonstrated with a very simple exercise.

Every single one of us has a soul frequency- a primal Sound within us that is an audible connection to the cosmos, and on the Creator Mind. I believe that this inner sound is a mentally audible bleed-over harmonic of the actual connection of our bodies to our souls. It is the socket of the Divine 'I', that which in us is conscious. The Sant Mat path teaches that this sound is the Music of Heaven- the "Heavenly Bani" (song).

So, how can you 'tune in' to your Center Frequency and actually hear this Sound, this Song? It is very simple, really. Simply go somewhere that there aren’t any distracting external noises and listen carefully. Tune out any rhythmic ringing you might hear- that is probably tinnitus. The Sound to listen for is very high-pitched; almost crystalline in quality- a high keening that comes from the upper center of your skull. I'm sitting here writing this with the music I usually play turned off, and I turned off the A/C, too, so I could get some silence. Fat chance. The refrigerator is running, and the tickety-tick of the ceiling fan and the chop-chop of the second-hand of the clock are effectively drowning out my efforts. So, what did I do to confirm that this exercise could e done with an audible result? I put my hands over my ears. The low rumble of the muscles holding my hands to my ears cancelled the outside noises quite well, and I tuned past the lower ringing of my minor tinnitus, and zeroed in. There it was- clear, loud, icy sharp, that ethereal Sound that announces that my mind is 'on' and connected to the Creator.

That is your Primary Frequency, the carrier wave of your soul, and an audible link to the Creator. Pretty neat to be able to actually hear it, don't you think? You've just tuned into yourself- your very own Channel Cosmos. Stilling the mind and listening to this sound is an excellent calming meditative exercise, by the way.

Of course, the Word set into motion everything else that is in our Universe. Creator Mind created the Word, which set things into motion, creating Vibration; Vibration caused Polarity, which in turn generated Rhythmic Patterns, which defined the cause-and –effect swings of 'Karma', which, at long last grounded itself out in our male and female Genders. And the Universe also divided itself into spiraling 'octaves' of purity, frequency, and density.

Polarity shifts and dances in its own way, creating Rhythm or Pattern. (I prefer the word 'pattern' because it is not so closely tied to music- but at its root, it is the same thing.) Pattern recognition is the result of close observation of the polar rhythms of things- the interactions of various vibrations upon each other. Once you learn an item's 'song' or 'dance' (rhythm or pattern) you can trace backwards to learn its true essence or Name.

Polarity, by the way, has an infinite variety of degrees. It isn't binary by any means. It is this subtle set of differences in polarity that make things like life on this planet so varied even with the same basic set of building blocks. It allows us to consume a wide variety of foods, hear a wide variety of sounds, and see a beautiful spectrum of color. And look at its imprint on communications! So many languages, and they can all be translated and understood because of the basic underlying frequency- humanity.

If polarity creates patterns or rhythm, then patterns leave their own impression upon the universe. 'Karma' or 'action' is the result of the interaction of many varied patterns. Some of these reactions are beneficial, others are not. Some drag on for millennia, other actions begin and end in a flash. They all have as their end result an imprint to make upon those which set it into motion- this is called wisdom. The rule of Karma is pretty simple, and is the basis of one of the Magickal laws- "What goes around comes around." Because the shape of the Universe is inherently spherical, whatever ripple is set off will eventually return- often magnified manifold and sometimes distorted beyond recognition- to its source. Always.

Because we are far harmonic reflections of the Cosmic Mind, we have within ourselves the creative spark. Our vibrations and patterns have coalesced into complementary harmonics- mutually attractive to each other. Thus, the lowest, and final link on the chain of creation- Gender. But even though we are as far from the Cosmic Mind as we can be and still have some awareness of it, we are still capable of understanding and absorbing the greater wisdom of the ancients, and slowly spiral back to our ancient and sacred Source.

Copyright 1999, 2001 by Sunfell

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