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Deep Mysteries, Deeper Thoughts

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Not too long ago, I read an article somewhere that told that when different sorts of light- ultraviolet, laser, X-ray, colored filters, etc- was shone upon things like bullet holes, blood and fingerprints in crime scenes, different details revealed themselves. The forensics people discovered many deeper details when they saw their evidence in a ‘different light’.

These writings also utilize a ‘different’ light to approach and examine facets of the spiritual and metaphysical life. This work will be best appreciated by advanced students, thinkers, and hardy souls who are not afraid to have their paradigms questioned and new light shone on beliefs held near and dear. These are subjects that are seldom examined or discussed by mainstream sorts but delve deep into the core of human spiritual belief and understanding. These writings are not for the faint of heart, or the rigid in belief.

This is your only warning.

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"If I command the moon, it will come down;

and if I wish to withold the day, night will linger over my head;

and again, if I wish to embark on the sea, I need no ship;

and if I wish to fly through the air, I am freed from my weight."

- A Greek Magickal Papyrus

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Making Oneself Male

Sekhmet's Story

A Visit With Kryon

Mystery of the Lotus

Aspects and Correspondences of Sekhmet

Blue Lotus: Catalyzing Power

Curses, Prayers, and Counter-Spells

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