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The Blue Lotus: Catalyzing Power

It was with great sorrow that I looked upon the tragedies of September 11th. I have seen things like this before, long ago, even before I was called Sekhmet. The enemies then sent captured rocks flying from the skies, obliterating the civilizations that once stood, and making the Earth a very different and difficult place to live for a very long time. My children and my secrets were scattered and hidden, and came together when the Egyptian civilization flowered.

When the enemies of Egypt overpowered her and the end was near for their rule, I again hid my secrets and scattered my children. But again, when the time and place was right, I would again reassemble my people and reveal my secrets.

That time has come. Many who have visited here have come away with new knowledge and ways to listen within, live a quietly extraordinary life, and build and trust their inner guidance. This is well and proper, and are the first steps to recovery. As you walk the Spiral Path, living and growing, you are preparing yourself for the work you must do, for the energy you must focus. As you awaken to Light, you also anchor it in matter. Each awakening, each flowering of the Blue Lotus takes more of the darkness away. Soon, the light will be bright enough for you to begin to see in earnest, and to grow even greater in knowledge and wisdom. As Light awakens more light, the effect is additive, and the progression from soul to soul starts like a slow dawn, but ends like a brilliant lightning or laser flash. This is a powerful, and sometimes frightening and uncertain time. Darkness and rage cannot stand up to Light and love.

Can light and love be a weapon? Can it be used to cleanse hate, fear, and darkness from the slumbering souls of this world? Yes, it can, and yes, it will. You may find it odd that a tragedy could be such a catalyst, but it is not without precedent. If we learn from our past actions, we will understand that conventional ways will not end this terror, and in fact will perpetrate it. Read your histories, and you will see that this is truth. The hate, which is quite different than the desire for conquest and colonization, is a different sort of enemy. There is no motivation for acquisition, there is only the desire to sweep away the perceived enemy. This hate is caused by the fear of being culturally overwhelmed, and the fear of one group of people losing power and control to another. It is the fear of the status quo being eliminated.

Religion is a part of it, because the religion dictates the cultural norm. When the fear of cultural destruction makes its way into a religious context, the reaction is to shift to a fundamentalist stance. There are examples of this in all three Religions of the Book: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. All three religions have as their majority more moderate elements, but the smaller more conservative and extreme sects have retreated into a place of deliberate distance, and have cut themselves off from the world they fear will overwhelm them. Cut off in this way, they weave and build a mythos of ‘us’ against ‘them’, teaching their children that they are the only true adherents to their particular faith. They teach that the world outside their abode is ‘evil’, or ‘satanic’, and is ruled by evil forces. They are also taught (and truly believe) that any action taken against the perceived enemy is righteous and favored by God, and that no action is atrocious when done to strike back for God. Thus is darkness and ignorance, hate and fear perpetuated.

The real threat to their existence is not the enroaching culture- it is light, freedom, and the equality of genders. The mainstream American/European culture permits both sexes to live freely, and in parity. Religious orthodoxy generally forbids this, making only one gender- the male- the dominant one, while relegating the females (and weak males) to spiritual and physical bondage, ignorance, and servitude. I have said before and I will say again: Only in parity will humanity grow out of darkness. Each gender has its own particular gifts, and only in balance will humanity once achieve the full flowering of its gifts. The vaunted freedom of the American culture has at its root the humanitarian understanding of the necessity of permitting both genders to freely function in society. Of all the countries in this world, America and Europe best embody this principle.

In the aftermath of the September 11th tragedy, America is reevaluating some of the worst aspects of its culture, and has been awakened to the understanding that it is not immune to drastic measures by terrorists. Only time will tell if what happened will change the course of the country, but things are hopeful. Between the screams for war and vengeance, there are also calls for understanding and insightful redirection of our culture. Westerners are finally growing up. These are the results of Light and Love opening the thoughtful minds and hearts peppered about the lands.

The founders of the United States carefully built its foundations on the hidden secrets that have made its earlier incarnations last for millennia. People ignorant of those principles of humanitarian understanding and freedom from religious domination have been busily undermining it for decades. September 11th has done much to mend these cracks, but vigilance will have to be maintained in order for them to remain healed.

How can the people of the Blue Lotus assist in maintaining the stability and growth of the human spirit? By being conduits of Light, and being instruments of Life and Love. Allow the spark of Light within you to light the way and motivate you, and you will spread that light and motivate others. Put aside your ego and fears and permit the Love to love through you. Become an instrument of peace, freedom, and tolerance. Strive ever upward to the greater Light, and let your Lotus blossom to its fragrant glory. And take time to sit and listen within, for it is from that inner silence from which the voice of Wisdom comes.

This is a time of great change and uncertainty. There will be many shakeups in many places. You must be a pillar of both flexibility and stability. You have done this before. You will prevail.

In Peace Profound

Sekhmet (Blue Lotus) through Sunfell

September 23, 2001

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