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The Aspects and Correspondences Of Sekhmet

This is a set of correspondences that the Goddess dictated to me directly. She has two aspects: the better known Red aspect of her Warrior/Destroyer phase, and the lesser known Blue aspect of her Magus/Healer phase.

Both aspects are always present, but they are cyclical in their influence on our senses and how we perceive Sekhmet. Understanding these aspects can help us to establish and maintain clearer communication and service to her.

Sekhmet’s ‘beginning’ (as we can measure it, since she’s always existed) was well over 10,000 years ago, although she tells me that mankind has been on this planet far longer than that. Her ‘war’ with mankind (actually a cataclysmic rebalance of chaotic energies which got way out of hand) occurred during the Age of Taurus. The aftermath and transformation of Sekhmet’s wrathful energy into healing energy was as much the result of the segue into the Age of Aries as it was the enchanted beer/wine given her by the other Neter to calm her wrath.

We are currently on the cusp of Pisces/Aquarius. Pisces was a Blue age for Sekhmet, and she had to watch as the gains and wisdom built up over the past ages drained away into darkness, ignorance and imbalance. She wept to see her Gifted Ones around the world die by fire, sword, and rope. She seeks to restore the balance of energies, as well as that of the genders, and wishes to awaken her Children and remind them of their work here. No longer will we need to hide away from murderous ‘authority’- we will relearn our Arts and Sciences, and assist in bringing the world to a higher level. We have a long way to go before we return to the splendor of the Ancients, but we are making a start.

As we begin a new eon of growth and activity, Sekhmet shall use her Red aspect to awaken, uplift and enflame her children and teach them her Blue secrets.

Here, then are the two main aspects and their attributes. This is an early draft- as more of her Beloved hear her calling, they will bring more facets and attributes out of darkness. As I learn them, they will be added here. But what is here will be sufficient for her Beloved to begin to voyage deeper into her energies.

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Attributes of Sekhmet

Red Aspect

Red Primary, Green Secondary

Green visible Aura (Green feline eyes)

Red Disk, red sword


Eclipsed Moon




Destroyer of Chaos

Red Rose, Pink Lotus


Ruby, Garnet, Emerald

Gold, Silver

Frankincense, Cinnamon

Trumpet, Drum

Brass and Percussion

Leo, Scorpio

Mars, Saturn

Summer, Autumn

The Tower

The Chariot




Fine beer or ale

Northern Hemisphere: August - October

Lammas through Samhain

Lion, Tiger, Jaguar

Hawk, vulture

Blue Aspect

Blue Primary, Yellow/Gold Secondary

Gold visible Aura (gold feline eyes)

Blue Lotus, blue Ankh

The Eclipsed Sun,

The Moon




Healer, Destroyer of Plagues

Blue Lotus, Yellow Rose


Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Gold Citrine

Silver, Gold, White Gold

Myrrh, Sandalwood

Flute, Harp

Woodwinds and Strings

Virgo, Aquarius

Venus, Mercury

Winter, Spring

The High Priestess

The Star




Fine wine or mead

Southern Hemisphere: February - April

Imbolc through Beltaine

Cougar, Leopard, Cheetah

Eagle, owl

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Combined Aspects:

Gold Aura, Sun at Zenith, Eclipsed Sun (very powerful time) White Lotus. Udjat Eye, Ankh, Lotus Sceptre.

Frankincense and Myrrh, Sandalwood and Rose

Amethyst, Clear Quartz, White Gold, Platinum

Purple (combining red and blue pigmentally). White (combining red and blue with light).

All large felines, all raptors.

This list will be added to as I get more data from Sekhmet's Children, and the Goddess herself.

Sa Sekhem Sahu

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