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The Mystery of the Lotus

Consider, please the simple Lotus. It is a water loving plant, living in ponds and shallows of rivers and lakes. Its root is in the dark mud of the pond, and its flower floats atop the water, exuding a lovely fragrance, and delighting the eye.

The Lotus is like our own yearning for the Light, my Beloved. We are all born into darkness and ignorance, taking root and feeding our bodies from the rich earth from which we sprang. But murky shadow surrounds us, and we become dissatisfied, four our souls need food other than the rich earth. We yearn for light, and our yearning stretches us up and away from the darkness.

We stretch up through the gloom of ignorance, and see that gloom gradually brightening, and the murky shadows that surround us gradually clearing away. Our vision expands outward, and we see much more, yet we still yearn towards more light. Upward we stretch.

Then suddenly, we burst through the surface and into the Light. Our vision is unlimited, the light is brilliant, and we blossom into the beings we were meant to be- bringing our own beauty and fragrance into the world. There we linger, our roots deep beneath us, feeding our bodies, and our hearts and minds basking in this glorious light feeding our souls, until the sun sets and we must descend into the darkness until the next dawn.

Thus is the Lotus like your own soul, my Beloved, and thus is your soul fed in Light. Your soul is a particle of Creation, a piece of Spirit, and it yearns towards its own kindred.

Think deeply upon this mystery, and upon the Imperishable Light that dwells within your heart.

Sekhmet (Blue Lotus), through Sunfell

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Sekhmet speaks: It is from the tiniest items and actions that the greatest changes spring. Understand the tiniest particles of matter, and you will understand the entire universe. But remember, my Beloved, that everything is related and connected, and to change one thing will change all things.

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