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Keepers, Surprises, and Other Movie Treasures

I like a good story. When a movie grabs my attention and sweeps me away, and I don’t bother to look at my watch even once, and only the most urgent call of nature will tear me away, I consider it a good movie. Sad to say, there aren’t very many of these little treasures any more- I spend quite a bit of time frowning over the liner notes on the boxes in the stores, trying to decide what I might want to treat myself with. It’s like playing movie Russian Roulette sometimes. I also go to movie review sites- there are one or two online reviewers whose opinions I trust, and whose recommendations I’ll follow. But mostly I follow my own gut.

What you’re going to see here will be a fairly short, but steadily growing list of films that are those I either currently own myself,or plan to. You’ll see titles that perhaps other critics have panned, and what I call ‘surprises’- formulaic films that have a bit of extra pizzazz, or an interesting surprise that makes them worth a second or third viewing, or even purchase.

All the films I write about will be on DVD- I have seen the brilliant high-definition light, and may never return to video unless I have to. I won’t give any spoilers- that is simply bad manners. There will be very few ‘chick’ flicks, slasher films or romantic comedies, because such films bore me silly. I like edge of your seat thrillers, SF, action-adventure, animates and quirky little cerebral films. The bottom line is: is it a good story? Can I ignore the inevitable holes and enjoy it anyway? Will I want to see it again? Will I want to tell you about it? That is why this is here. I hope you enjoy it. Happy viewing!

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