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General Spiritual

Slightly off-plumb, but still interesting

More goodies from around the Web…

Musical Treasures

21st Century Magick


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General Spiritual

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC :

If you wish to learn from a Mystery School, this is the place to go- no matter if you’re Christian, Pagan, or anything else. The Rosicrucian teachings complement and enhance all spiritual paths, and offer some unique and enlightening insights of their own. Highly recommended for serious students on the Path.

The Witches Voice:

A non-partisan clearinghouse for Pagans and Wiccans worldwide, The Witches Voice offers an unbiased and balanced place to find contacts on the Web, learn about the many facets of the Pagan and Wiccan religions, and advance the community as a whole in the 21st century. Great jumping-off point for seeking contacts, groups, stores, music or pretty much anything else.


More mainstream religion oriented, with a heavy emphasis on Christian and Muslim communities, this website still has a few things for the Pagan or the seeker. Updated daily, and the Pagan section features articles by prominent people like Margot Adler and Starhawk. Good balance of faiths. Make sure you visit the discussion boards- there are Pagan and Witchcraft boards, and a new Ceremonial Magick board in the Esoteric section.


A site that is part of Beliefnet, this is the Wiccan section. Lots of good information, essays and insight.

The Gnostic Archives:

General information on the various facets of Gnosticism. Included the Nag Hammadi Library and links to other Gnostic sites.


A website for the family of the Kryon, a channeled being whose message of hope and progress in this changing world is most welcome.


If you are called to serve as a Lightworker, this site is a clearinghouse of like-minded kindred, with helpful, in-depth articles and links to use to learn more and deepen your practice.

The Dario Salas Institute

Another outstanding mystery school. Dario Salas writes under the pen name of John Baines, and his Institute of Hermetic Science is an excellent path to stellar enlightenment. Postal Associates courses are offered. Highly recommended.

The Universal Life Church

If you desire to be ordained as a minister for the Path you are on, The Universal Life Church will serve you quite well. Besides swift and simple ordinations, ministerial kits and guidebooks for building churches and religious groups, ULC also offers an excellent year-long course called "Spirit Xpress" that will deepen your understanding about your relationship with your perception of God, your life, and the universe.

The Cauldron

Where have these folks been all my life? The Cauldron is a mature, eclectic gathering of all sorts of Pagans who discuss and dissect just about everything under the sun. I dare you to visit their website or chatroom and not learn something.


Huge clearing house of all sorts of metaphysical and New Age goodies. Prepare to spend some time here.


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Slightly off-plumb, but still interesting

The Gnostic Friends Network:

More extreme, but still valuable insight on the worldview of many of the ancient Gnostic sects. This site will blow your mind if you are not prepared, and there is a lot to read here.


Teetering on the crumbling edge of culture, Disinformation examines many people and subjects that are very cutting edge. Alternate reality, anyone? Not for the timid.


This site takes a more conventional look at the outer limits of the news, and collects articles from sources all over the world. Ever wonder about those strange contrails in the sky, or if America really has Mad Cow under control, or what aspartame really does to your nervous system? You’ll find out here.

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More goodies from around the Web…

Aura Colors

What color is your aura? Here you can find out what your auric colors are by taking a quick and simple test. Explains the "Indigo" ray. Based on "What Color Is Your Aura" by Barbara Bowers.

The Lucis Trust

Promotes the Work of Alice Bailey, and the greater task of establishing right human relations by utilizing spiritual principles and values of esoteric metaphysical practice. Source of The Great Invocation, and two dozen richly dense, but powerful books.

Sacred Travel

If you love Ancient Egypt as much as I do, this store will make you very happy. Loads of lovely authentic Egyptian goodies at reasonable prices, along with a wonderful collection of Sekhmet-oriented items.


News that often doesn’t make it to the mainstream press, but is important just the same. Excellent independent coverage of news that matters to us all.


Learn about your personality with an in-depth analysis.


You'll never see corporate media quite the same way again.

Here is New York

Haunting montage of photos taken on and around September 11th. Some are available for sale.

Religious Tolerance

This group seeks to foster understanding between different religious groups with accurate references, definitions and essays.

The Skeptics Dictionary

Excellent resource for those times when your BS meter goes off.


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Musical Treasures

Hearts Of Space

The Hearts of Space program on my local NPR station is a mainstay of my weekly listening. Stephen Hill’s deep, mellow tones and the wonderfully ethereal and uninterrupted ambient and space music he plays are balm to my soul. Check out the extensive collection of music available, and if you don’t have HOS in your area, listen to the streaming program.

Ambient Visions

If Hearts of Space has whetted your appetite for ambient music, come here to learn more and sample other musicians. I review music for this site, so come visit! It is a fast growing place.

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21st Century Magick

Warning: Not for beginners. You have to grow into this practice.

The Chaos Matrix

Nice starting point for students of the most cutting edge magick today: Chaos Magick


Warning: Sound. I generally tend to avoid sites that have sound that you cannot cut off, but this one is an exception.

Phil Farber's Home Page

One of the seminal writers and practitioners of Chaos Magick.

The Church of Virus

"Memes" are viral thoughts that propogate through the culture. This site explores some interesting examples in depth. You won't look at the world the same again.


Quirky, insightful website chock full of non-fluffy, down-to-earth magickal stuff.

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