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WTC Memorial Links

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This list is current, and all the sites listed here are active as of 12 October 2002. I cannot guarantee that all of them will remain so, but the webmasters of several I have contacted have assured me that they plan to make their particular site a permanent fixture on the Web. I will test these links regularly- those which do ‘die’ will be removed. Also, I will add new links of similar interest as I find them. If you find a ‘live’ WTC memorial that might be suitable for this list, please email me with the URL, and I will investigate it myself.

Here Is New York is no longer accepting entries, and its New York museum is now closed, but they have published a book, and have a place for comment about the photos on their site. Some of the content is graphic.

Skies of NYC Professional photographer Tommy Flynn had an excellent view of the Twin Towers from his apartment window, and lovingly photographed them from that vantage for years. In doing so, he has captured an incredible interplay of sky moods, light, cloud, and character of the Twin Towers, and has put them on a wonderful poster. Each picture on this poster can be seen in close up, including some stunning lightning shots, and a rare ‘leopard sky’! Not to be missed.

The Sonic Memorial Project The ultimate (and still growing) collection of archival sound recordings, interviews, and audio voice mails from people in and around the World Trade Center. Here you’ll find the living voices of the Twin Towers recorded by their structural engineer (they sound like a wooden ship creaking), sounds of their concourses and plaza, interviews with people who worked there, and music of all sorts that was played there. Prepare to spend hours here.

WTC Life A filmmaker has created a short movie of the plaza and concourses of the WTC from film he shot for a commercial.

The Smithsonian Institution has quickly acted to preserve some heart wrenching artifacts from the sites of the Twin Towers and Pentagon. Some of the survivors donated items they used to escape- like the squeegee the window washer used to hack a hole through the sheetrock wall to escape an elevator. An interesting codicil, which will grow in value as time passes.

World's Smallest Air Museum This card model enthusiast has created a beautifully accurate model of the Twin Towers for you to print out on heavy stock and put together.

Kostantin Petrov's Photos This deceased gentleman worked at Windows on the World, and has left us a wonderful collection of photos taken at dawn a month before the tragedy. Haunting and whimsical (look for the scarab beetle on the window) at the same time.

Eric Darton, author of "Divided We Stand, A Biography of the World Trade Center" has a collection of stories, photos and musings about the World Trade Center. Look for the hilarious clothes line photo, and a ‘moon’ shot which is rather cheeky. Great collection of ads, stories, and anecdotes.

NewYork.Com Here is a 3-D tour of the plazas and rooftop of the WTC.

The September 11 Digital Archive Another large and active collection of stories, photos, and videos of the World Trade Center. They are working in tandem with the Sonic Memorial, so they will be around for the foreseeable future. Some great ‘geek’ shots of the antenna farm on the roof of WTC 1 are in here.

Wendy Carlos My favorite synthesizer pioneer Wendy Carlos (Switched On Bach, Tron, A Clockwork Orange) has a series of pages on her website about her own reaction to the destruction of the Twin Towers and the serenity of her city. Excellent photographs.

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