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No TechMage worth their salt is without a library to draw upon and to return to when refreshment in technique, understanding, or ritual is needed. I have a huge library- and can honestly say that I have a ton of books. I know this because the shipping guys at my last base in England were bored, and when I asked them if they could weigh my books separately from the rest of my household goods, they cheerily agreed. (The case of Guinness I bought for them didn’t hurt, either…) In 1993, I owned 2023 pounds of books, sans tare for the boxes. That’s a ton! I probably have two tons by now, because technical and computer book authors are apparently paid by the pound, and I have a large collection of those sorts of books as well as a wonderful collection of occult, SF, reference, and feminist titles.

Here is a taste of my collection- a seed, if you will, for if you want to start or add to your own collection. Clicking on the links will take you to Adding to your library will enable me to add to mine- one can never have too many books! Most of these should still be in print. Happy reading!

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General Philosophy, Metaphysics, and General Studies


Life Guidance

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General Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Related Studies

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Hidden Wisdom : A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions -Richard Smoley and Jay Kinney

These two gentlemen were editors of the late and lamented Gnosis Magazine, and have put together a wonderful overview of the Western Mystery Traditions- from Paganism and Kabbalah to Sufism, shamanism, and Gnostic Christianity. An intelligent and absorbing work.

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The Zen Commandments -Dean Sluyther

Subtitled "Ten suggestions for a life of inner freedom", this quirky little book reexamines proper directives for living a life of clarity and insight. Anyone in any faith will find that it enhances their path, and adhering to the principles it advances will do nothing but improve your outlook- wherever you are on your path. This one jumped off the shelf at me, and I am glad it did.

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Techgnosis -Erik Davis

Absorbing look at myth, magick and mysticism in the age of information. Is the computer a magickal tool? Is the Internet a catalyst for modern shamanic journeys? Read this and find out.

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Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy by Three Initiates

Dynamite, and deep wisdom, comes in small packages. All students on the path should read and absorb the wonderful wisdom in this little book.

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The Hermetica : The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs- by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

The writings of the sage Hermes Trismegistus, translated into a poetic and inspirational form. A must-have for all levels of student. "So I, Thrice-Great Hermes, the first of men to attain All-Knowledge, have inscribed the secrets of the gods, in sacred symbols and holy hieroglyphs on these stone tablets which I have concealed for a future world that may seek our sacred wisdom."

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The Gnostic GospelsElaine Pagels

Want to know what Jesus REALLY said? The Nag Hammadi scrolls gives us a good idea. If we had kept these teachings in the Bible and followed them, Christianity today would be a totally different animal.

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The Zelator -by Mark Hedsel

A late 20th Century story of one man’s inner and outer search for enlightenment. "It has been recognized by esotericists for a very long time that, as the 20th Century reached its troubled end, many of the ancient secrets would have to be revealed. Even as we write, some esoteric schools are investigating, preserving, and teaching some of the Ancient Mysteries that would otherwise be lost in the face of changes which are to come. The metaphor of ark-building comes to mind." Yes, it does…

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Magical Ritual Methods- William Gray

Excellent technical manual of operational magick- tells both how and why. Dense, intellectual, but very useful for understanding magick.

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Drawing Down the Moon : Witches, Druids,... - Margot Adler

This NPR reporter wrote this book 20 years ago, and it is still a great overview of Pagan traditions. Good for helping to decide what niche fits your mindset best.

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Initiation-by Elisabeth Haich

I first read this book in Junior High- don’t ask me what a book of this sort was doing in a Junior High library. But it, along with Winged Pharaoh, influenced my desire to walk the Path I am now on. It is the story of an early 20th Century woman’s journey towards Initiation- her spiritual growth and memories of a past life in ancient Egypt. Lots of people have past life memories of Egypt- and it makes sense- Egypt- along with ancient China- had one of the longest courses of advanced civilization in recorded history. I have echoes of both cultures in my ‘ancient’ memories. These books brought back a few...


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I got my start in Wicca, and although I am pretty much a solitary now, and no longer practice with others, it is still near and dear to my heart. Nowadays I can say "I’m Wiccan" (which saves long minutes in trying to explain what my real path is) and people say, "Oh, yeah!" Quite a change from 25 year ago when you dared not admit you were even interested in the craft except in a casual, curious, debunking sort of way. How times have changed- for the better! These are some of the seminal titles in my own library. Their quality eclipses most of what has been written in the past 15 years, with a few exceptions, which are mentioned here.

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The Spiral Dance - Starhawk.

I have a dog-eared first edition of this one. It’s now in its twentieth anniversary edition. Starhawk’s Faerie Tradition is poetic, immediate and very hands-on. Lots of visualization and chanting.

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Power of the Witch - Laurie Cabot.

Ms. Cabot looks like a stereotypical Hollywood Witch- heavy black eye makeup, robes and all- but what she lacks in dress sense she more than makes up for in common sense. Her ethics are sound, and I recommend her books for her excellent technique for ‘Seeing Between’ which she calls "Alpha".

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A Witches' Bible , What Witches Do, The Witches Way by Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone

These British Wiccans are close to the original root tradition of Wicca. They combine the British Fam-Trad ways with ceremonial magick, and create an elaborate, but powerful tradition. Good grounding in the origins of the Craft, excellent explanation of the principal deities. Their older stuff is better, but recent editions have a few minor errors corrected.

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An ABC of Witchcraft Past and Present ,

Witchcraft for Tomorrow (Illustrated) and any other book by Doreen Valiente

The Brits really have a handle on Wicca, and Doreen’s books should be in every good Wiccan library. Many books written since have merely repeated what this late, great lady said. I was very fortunate to have met her at a Pagan Federation gathering in London in 1991.

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Wiccan Warrior -Kerr Cuhulain

Written by a Canadian policeman, this book combines practical everyday magick with good old fashioned common sense. He also wrote "The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca" which is used by many police departments in both Canada and the United States.

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Life Guidance

These books are invaluable tools for helping you to follow the Prime Directive in advanced studies: Knowing Thyself. If you want to advance upon the Path, these books are important to have- and use regularly. I do.

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A Guide for the Advanced Soul

Begin It Now : You Have a Purpose

Bag of Jewels

This trio of inspirational quotes gathered by Susan Hayward are meant to be used as inspirational divination devices. The idea is to hold the book in your hand, clear your mind of everything but your vision or question, and open the book at random to discover the direction you need to take.

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What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of Its Disciples -Manly P. Hall

When I received this little booklet- more like a pamphlet, actually, I thought, ‘what the heck!’ I mean, one expects Deep Thoughts to come from Deep Books, right? Not so fast, grasshopper. Here, in this little book is wisdom and guidance that will stay with you long after you finish reading it. It is insightful enough that you’ll want to get several copies to hand out to like-minded seekers. Hall’s works- even his more outlandish ones- are always interesting. I intend to collect all of his writings.

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Summoning the Fates : A Woman's Guide to Destiny - Z. Budapest

In several of my essays, I make reference to "Saturn’s Return" a somewhat vague and perhaps threatening time in one’s late twenties where everything gets…strange. This book will help you to both understand and cope with it, and other stages in your life. The author is a radical Feminist whose work both pissed me off and inspired me enough to continue my journey. I am eternally grateful to her.

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The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes -Theodora Lau

This book is an excellent and essential tool in the Know Thyself (and everyone else) arsenal. It explains and defines the 12 members of the Chinese horoscope, and their five elemental substrata (metal, water, wood, fire, and earth), and then goes on to show who you’ll get along with, and who you won’t. Even better are the combinations with the Western Zodiac, and the 144 combinations of Western and Chinese pairings that make this a very handy book. Mine is dog-eared. It has been updated twice since I bought mine. I am a Virgo Metal Rat.

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This is just a small sampling of my library. Come on back soon to see my Women’s Studies, Christian Critiques and What-If This Isn’t a Conspiracy lists. I’m sure I’ll have other goodies to offer, too. Now, go read something.

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2001 Lorie A. Johnson

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