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Welcome to page two of my Library. I’ve waded back into my (literal!) stacks to bring you some more in-depth reading to help you advance on your Path. This list is far from complete, and reflects only those books I actually own, read and have liked. If your fave-rave Magickal book isn’t in here yet, it’s probably because I haven’t read (or reread) it, or don’t actually have it yet- my Amazon wish list is as long as my arm. (Or it’s a complete waste of trees, and a whoopie cushion to boot. Yes, there are plenty of those out there…) If you have title suggestions, please email me. My address is on my main page. Clicking on the hypertext titles will take you to my own little store. Every book I sell from there permits me to expand my own library and bring you recommendations for further study and growth. So, if you like it, please buy it, and help us both!

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Advanced Hermetic Studies

Ceremonial and 21st Century Magick

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Advanced Hermetic Studies

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The Secret Science (Hermetic Philosophy, Book One)  John Baines

The first book in the Hermetic Philosophy series. An excellent introduction to the process of Awakening to your True Self. This book " addressed to all those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, and those who are not in agreement with scientific, philosophical, and social conventions, and those who sense that 'all is not well' with humanity."


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The Stellar Man (Hermetic Philosophy, Book Two) John Baines

Goes deeper into the process of evolution and ascension into the Stellar Being through the application of Hermetic practice and discipline. If you are interested in furthering your Hermetic Studies, I highly recommend joining the Institute for Hermetic Science, which is run by the author of these books, Dario Salas, who wrote these books under the pseudonym of John Baines.  I am a student there myself, and have gotten a lot out of the Postal Associates Course.


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The Science of Love   John Baines

Examines the differences between True Love, and its corrupt versions in a Hermetic light. It shatters the usual notions of what love really is, and introduces the idea of genuine spiritual love as part of the development of the Awakened being.


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Seven Hermetic Letters   Georg Lomer

A deep course of instruction that will enable the student to develop both discipline and cultivate the Higher Self. Variations of these exercises and instructions have been part of every advanced discipline of Magick I have studied. The first four letters should be followed closely, and the final three can be utilized as a philosophy of practice. Since this is a translation from the German, pronunciations of certain sounds may be different from the English.



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Initiation into Hermetics Franz Bardon

Possibly one of the greatest of the early-mid 20th Century Hermetic Magicians, Franz Bardon has left us a treasure of philosophy, teaching, and practice of Hermetic Way of Ceremonial Magic. This is the first book in a collection of four books, and is an excellent first step in advanced practice. Highly recommended, along with his other books, Frabato the Magician, The Practice of Magickal Evocation, and The True Qabalah.


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Teachings of the Winged Disk Phaedron

Another very insightful course of Hermetic Magickal teachings. This one blends elements of Ancient Egyptian, Gnostic, Qabalistic, Alchemical, Rosicrucian and Hermetic thought into a coherent and approachable whole; drawing together these diverse threads into a practice that will benefit all levels of seekers- from student to Adept. Recommended. May be difficult to find.


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Ceremonial and 21st Century Magick

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Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts Donald Michael Kraig

An excellent primer and overview of Ceremonial Magick, as well as a year-long series of exercises and   Rites that will teach the student about the general practice of High Magick. Great for the solitary student, but it is always beneficial for a student to seek out and work with a group of like-minded practitioners, if possible. Such affiliation isn't necessarily meant to be permanent, but it does help to introduce the student to the community at large. The Internet is helpful in many aspects of this, but nothing compares to real time ritual and social time with a like-minded group.


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My Life With the Spirits  Lon Milo Duquette

Subtitled "The Adventures of a Modern Magician", this books is a humorous and at times terrifying romp through the life of a living Magus. Mr. Duquette's style is fresh, yet deep, and very readable. Hidden in his writings are profound secrets he learned through his practice of Magick, and encounters with the various spirits listed in dusty old grimoires. His exploration of various other Paths is also insightful. This book will either entice you into deeper magickal practice, or send you screaming away from it. Highly recommended.


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The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford  Lon Milo Duquette

A seriously funny and in-depth examination of one of the oldest, most difficult (and possibly scariest) Magickal Systems currently in existence. This book is meant for the lay non-Jewish student who has been bogged down in the traditional Qabalah books, but still wants to learn about this mystical system. Rabbi Clifford's typical answer to the many questions posed in the book begins with, "Hell, no! You're a Chicken Qabalist! Don't worry about it!" And then goes into some really profound insights. Don't let the short length of this book bother you- packed into its pages is less waffle and more philosophy than a stack of traditional books. Highly recommended- as are all of Lon Milo Duquette's books.


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Condensed Chaos Phil Hine

An Introduction to Chaos Magick brings together some of the latest cutting edge scientific and magickal philosophies and blends them together into a coherent whole. It cuts away from the dogmatic and often pseudo-religious practices of the older forms of Magick, and brings an element of immediacy and personal experience and experimentation into the practice. Such practice is not for the newbie or the faint of heart. This is the seminal volume of a series of books on this subject.


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Liber Kaos  Peter J. Carroll

A course in training in Chaos Magick with equal emphasis on both theory and practice of this techno-shamanistic Path.


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Liber Null & Psychonaut  Peter J. Carroll

A double-volume companion to Liber Kaos, this book contains the in-depth examination of the philosophy and practice of Chaos Magick by one of its founding practitioners. Contains both exercises and rituals for the practitioner.


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PsyberMagick   Peter J. Carroll

Subtitled, "Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick", this third Carroll book goes even deeper into the cutting edge territory of Chaos Magick and its practice, with insightful (and sometimes shocking) Commentaries on subjects ranging from Magick to Politics, and even Heresy. Short, witty, and highly recommended.


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Maat Magick  Nema

A transitional cross- pollination of Thelemic, Hermetic, Shamanistic and even Chaos Magick, this book teaches that one must transcend the limitations of orthodox dogma, doctrine and dependence on a priesthood  in order to advance along the Path. It will assist in freeing the seeker from the decaying ties to the Dying God and help transform the seeker into a Stellar Being. This Path is meant for individual practice, but can be incorporated into group practice. An excellent post-Crowleyian Thelemic Practice.


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  This certainly isn't the end of my library- there will be more goodies headed your way soon- in-depth studies of Christianity, Magick, ancient civilizations, what-if speculations, feminism, spiritual trends, and other interesting and enlightening subjects. Stay tuned!

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Copyright 2002 by Lorie A. Johnson

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