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Rite Of Gratitude

This is a simple little ritual of gratitude that also builds and reinforces the four dimensions around you. Make time to do this daily, and spend a few moments reflecting on the events of the day. You will be pleasantly surprised at the long-term results.

You'll need a joss stick and burner, and something to light it with.

Face (or declare) East, light the incense, and say (either aloud or internally):

"Great Spirit, I thank you for this day, and offer you this sweet smoke in gratitude. "(Take a moment to reflect on the day.)

Point the stick to the floor: "I thank Grandmother Earth"

Point the stick to the ceiling: "And Grandfather Sky "

Point the stick straight at the directions indicated while turning clockwise:

"The Guardians of the East"

"The Guardians of the South"

"The Guardians of the West"

"The Guardians of the North"

(Up, then down) "Those Above, Those Below"

(Fan some smoke towards yourself, breathe the scent) "Those Within"

(Left and Right shoulders) "Masculine and Feminine"

(Straight up again) "And You, O Great Mystery, whose Will has set my feet upon this Path."

"Thank you for being with me. "

"So Mote it Be "

Place the stick in its holder.

You may substitute the Directions with the Archangels, Totem Animals, or Pantheon of your choice. This is a very profound and life-affirming ritual, and builds a good link between you and Them. Do this every day.

2000 Sunfell

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