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What’s New?

As this website grows and matures, I’ll be adding more essays, sections, and other goodies to it. Check here to see what’s new. Dating style is American, with the month, then the date, and then the year, separated by decimals. Latest entries are at the top.

03.30.2003: Yes, it has been a while since my last update, but the latest Indigo essay does a great job of explaining part of the reason for my absence. I have also added a new preface to my front door, and a new photo of myself in the About Sunfell area of the site. Plans are in the hopper for a makeover of the site, with more links and better navigation and for me, better accessibility for updates. Stay tuned!

10.22.2002: More goodies for the Indigo readers of this site: three new essays, and one Guest Essay. Check out The Unveiling, The Shift, Indigo Relationship with God, and Annarita's deeply detailed Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening.

10.12.2002: It's wonderful how something as simple as leaving my monitor on my dining room table makes it easier for me to update my site at a whim. And so I have. Of course, having a computer monitor on one end of the dining room table and a sewing machine on the other doesn't leave much room for eating, but that is what the couch in the living room is for. I am slowly working towards a proper workstation for my older computer, but for now, it's the dining room table. New additions to the music collection this week include Amethystium, Spiritual High, and Waterbone. I have also added a page of Twin Towers oriented links to explore, which contain some delightfully poignant memorial sites. Check them out.

10.06.2002: Yaay! More goodies! Today's update includes a new essay just in time for all the Samhain hoopla: "Being 'Them' in an 'Us' World". Another Samhain-themed essay is in the Sanctum: The Silent Supper. This is a lovely ritual to honor the departed in your life.It is especially poignant as I lost my beloved Locutus two weeks ago, and the second anniversary of my mother's death is close. I have also expanded the September Sorrow pages with two new additions: my thoughts on the loss of the Twin Towers, and a poem about them. Sometimes it takes a year for the good stuff to percolate through all the confusion and sorrow.

07.07.2002: A major addition to the site- more book recommendations! Check out Page Two of my Library for more in-depth and uncommon books about the philosophy and practice of advanced Hermetic and Chaos Magick. Other minor tweaks included some corrections in my Crucible essay, hyperlink checks (I hate broken links!), page tweaks, and a link to a new board called "The Dream Collective". Come by and visit! More essays will be added when I get my main system out of the shop- it has a power supply fault.

05.12.2002: Recovery from my accident has been slow and difficult because the injuries were worse than originally thought, and many things have kept me away from site updates. Happily, your patience has been rewarded with four new essays to enjoy. In the Garden, there is an essay for women like me who have chosen to remain Childfree.   And I have found one of my missing Witches Voice essays about Pagan Clergy. I've updated some information on the Indigo Generations page, and have added a new essay important to Elder Indigos who may be undergoing some interesting changes into the Octarine frequency. Finally, I've added a new essay in the Spiral Path series about the Crucible many of us must go through in order to completely break away from our old religious faith, and ultimately reconcile with it. I am in the early stages of a total site redesign that will make your use of the site easier and more enjoyable. And more easily updated by me. So, stay tuned!

Don't forget to visit my Forums- ask questions, make comments, have fun! I am hoping to have dialogues with those of you interested in the Indigo and Spiral Path sections of the site, since they get the most mail. Thank you again for your patience. My healing is progressing.

03.17.2002: What a ride! Last month I had major breast surgery, from which I am recovering nicely. Then, last Friday, I was involved in a traffic accident that set me back in my healing by a couple of weeks. Not fun. But it is time for the quarterly update of the site, which I am doing one part at a time. New Links have been added, and the "Guestbook" has been changed to the Forum and relocated. I have gotten rid of the pop-ups, so you can visit without those annoying things screwing up your browser. I am planning to add some new essays within the next week or two, so stay tuned! Happy first anniversary!

12.31.2001: OK, I'll admit it: I've been both busy and lazy. Busy with the second job for the holidays, and too lazy to move my site stuff to my newer computer where I can update it at a whim instead of crawling under the desk connecting and reconnecting the cables. I've done a small update to let you know that I am still here, and I have more goodies in the hopper for 2002, like an expanded library, new sections, and a better guestbook. I am pleased that I still get a good number of visitors every day, and will start trying to get new material to the site more often. Today, I've added two new essays, "Are You Awake?" and "From Feast to Fat". There is also a new Site of the Month to visit and enjoy. Happy 2002 to you!

10.28.2001: Happy Samhain to one and all! I plan to have a very quiet holiday. Thoughts about the problems of curses and prayers in "September Sorrow". More minor tweaks. I moved my email address to a more prominent place on the home page. No, you can't click on it- this is so that spambots can't collect it. But you can write it down and then type it into a letter. People are much smarter than spambots. This little trick sorts the people from the 'bots.

10.14.2001: The Twin Towers remembered: "Gone, But Not Forgotten". Minor tweaks.

09.23.2001: It's Autumn! Happy Mabon! New Sunday Morning Musing: So, you want to be a Patriot? And some guidance and Wisdom from the Blue Lotus.

09.16.2001: First, apologies for the long hiatus in updating the site. I blame several factors- bugs in my new computer, the sudden offer of an irresistable house and the subsequent fight to get a mortgage, and JPL (Just Plain Laziness). I shall try to update this site at least biweekly, or more often as essays and thoughts present themselves. With all that is coming down since Last Tuesday, it is imperitive that I try to maintain this site as a place of sanity amidst the hysteria and uncertainty. I shall be 41 this week, and I have to wonder what this decade will bring.

On to the new additions to the site: A section devoted to the events and aftermath of September 11th: September Sorrow. There are two essays awaiting you there: a general message from me, and an essay on the Tower and its implications.

08.20.2001: Two steps forward, one step back... I built and successfully launched my new computer, but it looks like I'm going to have to use the older FP software, simply because (a) I am familiar with it, and (b) my webhost and I agree that FP 2000 hoses up more stuff than it fixes up. I'm posting this from my old computer so I can make sure that all is OK. Then I shall install FP 98 on my new machine, and piddle with that. So, if you don't see any updates for a few days, you'll know why. Hang in there- I've been writing,and tweaking, and cussing...

08.05.2001: New Section: Sunday Morning Musings- short off-the-cuff essays about whatever is on my mind (or the radio or paper). Four essays are there for your enjoyment.

07.29.2001: A pleasant surprise: The Witches Voice ranked me number two in adult essay submissions to their site. When they've run their time there, I always reprint them in my Vox Voices section. Sunfell is also a Featured Site at, who is my wonderful web host. This week marks a website first also- my first Guest Essay in the Indigo Files section, by Wendy Chapman of Metagifted. In Deep Mysteries, the Mystery of the Lotus awaits you. I have noted that my traffic has been steadily growing- I appreciate your page views. This website is purely a labor of love, no can-rattling here. Do visit my guestbook, or drop me a line if you really enjoyed your visit. I do read (and answer, as time permits) both.

07.22.2001: A little shuffling here, a little tweaking there- this site is a labor of love and a work in progress. I've moved The Indigo Files to the Home level for easier access, and added two new Indigo essays: Elder Indigo Guidance, and an explanation of the five Indigo Generations. And the Spiral Path has an important new essay about Saturn's Return and its effect upon your Life Path. Enjoy!

07.15.2001: New section in Deep Mysteries: The Indigo Files, an essay in four parts.

07.08.2001: New Spiral Path essay: Tuning in to your Guidance; and in Deep Mysteries, my afternoon with Kryon. Two new Links in the Links Section. And I've tweaked on it a little, with internal bookmarks.

06.30.2001: No update last week because my dad kidnapped me and took me flying. But I have some new stuff for you this week! In the Garden: Slaying the Christmas Beast. I've moved the Deep Mysteries page into the Temple, and added a new essay about the Egyptian goddess  Sekhmet. New Link to an interesting zine: AdBusters.

06.17.2001: New Temple Section: The Wiccan Papers. Interviews with The Stars and Stripes, the Air Force Times, and an essay about the aftermath of my 'fifteen minutes of fame'. New Guestbook feature- drop me a line!

06.10.2001: Cosmetic tweaks this week, but I think you’ll like them- new decorative bars and graphics on the essay pages, and a larger type size for those of us whose eyes aren’t as sharp as they were. Check out the Library- I’ve added the covers to snazz it up, and when I figure it out, I’ll make them clickable, too.

06.03.2001: Makeover time! I am gradually redoing my website, and the first step has been done- a color and theme makeover of the site. New bright colors, 21st Century Egyptian motif, same great writing. Many of the lovely lotiform bars came from Icon Bazaar. The Ankh bars are from Argotique, which, sadly is no longer accessible. The rest of the artwork, with the exception of the beautiful Pentacle by Robin Wood on the Vox Voices pages, is my own.

New essay: Banco De Gaia "Igizeh" music review. In the Garden: The Charge of the Beeotch.

05.27.2001: New essay in The Garden: Pulling the Plug

And in Vox Voices, another vintage Witches Voice Essay: The Myth of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

A new section for spiritually advanced seekers: Deep Mysteries, Deeper Thoughts

05.20.2001: New Spiral Path essay: The Magickal Tools of the TechMage

New Vox Voices essay: Teens and the Craft

"Flipped" the "What’s New?" menu to display the newest stuff on top. Never say that I don’t cater to lazy people! :-)

05.13.2001: In the Garden- Grab-O-Rama essay

Mothers Day memorial to my mom. (Contains photos)

What's this??? A Photo Gallery? Yup!

05.06.2001: New in Cinemania: Reviews of "The Contender" and "Alien"

New Spiral Path essay: An Exploration of the Eclectic Way

04.29.2001 Happy Beltaine to all you Paganfolk out there- may your fires burn bright this May Eve. And Happy May Day to all you Red Diaper sorts, too. :-)

New this week on The Spiral Path: Gender and Spiritual Bias and Tuning In to the Primal Sound.

In the Temple Sanctum: The Great Invocation from Alice Bailey’s great work.  Also: Seven Hermetic Principles.

New Links to explore, too.

04.23.2001 New in the Garden: Sticker Schlock  More minor tweaks and fixes.

04.14.2001: More Tweaks and fixes- trimmed Rants and Ramblings Page to make navigation easier.

New Library Section: Life Guidance; internal bookmarks added to ease navigation.

Spiral Path: Initiation

Vox Voices: Stewardship

Sanctum: Gateway Prayer

DrakNet Credit added (They rock!)

04.08.2001: More tweaks to the site, including removing an unneded page (Books and Music), and adding the Associates logo to the appropriate pages. I won’t loan out my library books, but I can help you build your own, and if you link to Amazon from my site, you’ll help me get even more books, eventually.

Cinemania: "Dune" review

The Sanctum: Starhawk’s Charge of the Star Goddess

Links cleaned up and explained

Bookshop links installed

04.01.2001: New Spiral Path Essays: Reclaiming Personal Morality and  In Praise of Solitude

In the Garden: Black Lightning: A Bully Survivor's Tale

In the Sanctum: Eclectic Redes  More Quality Quotes

Meta Tags added,  site submitted to crawlers.

03.25.2001 New section: Cinemania!- my favorite films. First review: Contact

New Rants and Rambles Essay: Zero to DVD

03.18.2001 The Garden/ Rants and Ramblings: Two new essays:

The American Dream: A Delusion?

Cultivating Eccentricity in Your Daily Life

Minor tweaks and fixes as the site settles in.

03.11.2001- Launch and inspection by the kind people in the Pagan WebCrafters' Association (Thanks, y'all!).


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